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Browsing  this website - 'Sorcery' - is free and there is no obligation to purchase the material offered. Subscription service does incur a monthly cost and agreement to this section of the site has it's own terms and conditions that apply.

Signing up to the Sorcery mailing list and/or purchasing/subscribing requires  disclosing your name and email address. This information collected will be kept confidential by the owner of this site and will not be passed on to any other third party. Wix is the third party app used to acquire this information and their terms and conditions are available here.


The above information will be added to a mailing list where it will be used to inform you of new material added to this site and special offers/discounts. It will not be used for any other unrelated marketing. 


The following handouts, patient guides and clinical tools are all in PDF format.

Once downloaded, you reserve the right to share these with your patients/clients as many times as you need - by printing these or via email. 

Please refrain from adding them to your website as a downloadable. Copyright applies to the materials and they cannot be sold or used for profit.

Please, support small business by sending people to this site to purchase their own copies. It is the hope that our members respect this and refrain from file sharing with their peers. Sorcery's main goal is to support other practitioners by sharing this information at a reasonable price. 

The documents are not referenced. If certain texts/research/journal articles have been used when designing these documents, it will say so in the product description. 

It is your own responsibility to fact check and deem the information appropriate for your individual patient before giving them these documents.


No responsibility will be taken by the document designer for how these documents are used after downloading from this site. Care has been taken to keep this site for fully qualified healthcare practitioners. It is your responsibility to use these support documents as a part of your treatment plan. They are not designed to replace this.

By purchasing and downloading these files, you are agreeing to the above terms & conditions.

There will be absolutely no refunds issued.

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