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This 3-page PDF is a basic indroductory guide for clients to the concept of vasoactive amines & salicylates in foods and how these may cause certain symptoms in some individuals. 


It helps explain what these compounds are, what they do in the body in amine/salicylate sensitive people and how to follow a amine/salicylate elimination diet.


This plan for a low amine/low salicylate diet follows three rules:

1. Eliminate amine/salicylate rich beverages

2. Eat a fresh diet - low in processed/packaged/pre-prepared foods and foods with additives

3. Eat a variety of foods and to start 'evolving' through the use of refection and mindfulness


The third page of this handout provides to client with a printable list of low amine/salicylate foods that can be enjoyed. There is also a note on personal care products and medications that may be an issue.

Vasoactive Amines & Salicylates CLIENT GUIDE

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