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Have you recommended a client eat more turmeric in their diet to have them ask how they can achieve this?

Turmeric supplements are popular, but there is some evidence that indicates including turmeric as a spice in the diet has a holistic benefit to health & wellbeing. 


This 4-page PDF handout explains:


  • What 'Turmeric' is and a little bit of history
  • What the difference is between powdered and fresh turmeric
  • How to use turmeric in everyday meals and how this can benefit over simple supplementation in a caspule/tablet.
  • A couple of turmeric-tips for boosting availability/absorption (i.e. Black pepper & dietary fat)
  • Some suggestions for how to 'pair' turmeric with other spices and how this could be done when added to things like hot chocolates, egg dishes, salad and vegetable dressing etc.
  • A brief summary on the health benefits of turmeric


  • Recipes to demonstrate a few different ways turmeric can be used in cooking:
    • Golden Mylk Recipe
    • Turmeric Golden Pumpkin Curry
    • Turmeric Scrambled Eggs
    • Tahini & Turmeric Roast Vegie Dressing
    • Spiced Carrot Soup




Murray, M. & Pizzorno, J. (2005). The Encyclopaedia of Healing Foods


Turmeric: Food as Medicine Handout

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