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Chronic sinusitis can be painful and exhausting. This condition is one many clients often suffer with for a long time before seeking help from a naturopath/nutritionist/herbalist. Often treatment mainly consits of breaking the cycle by identifying and removings those under-lying triggers and causes.


Diet changes can be very important in these cases. Lifestyle advice is also very helpful. This 8-page PDF ebook summarises key diet and lifestyle advice for those clients who have presented with both acute and chronic sinusitis. 


It includes:

  • A summary of what sinusitis is, what can be the underlying driver of this and a brief summary of the aim of natural treatment
  • A page explaining what structural changes take place in the sinuses when chronic sinusitis occurs
  • A flow chart that explains how a 'cold/flu/allergy' can develop into a sinus infection 
  • Dietary advice for sinusitis - including avoiding common allegenic foods for a short period, mucus forming foods and immune reducing foods + eating more immune enhancing foods and foods that can help clear the sinuses
  • Nutrients that, when boosted, can help treat sinus infections - e.g. vit C/quecetin/bioflavonoids, vitamin A, zinc and vitamin D. Includes a list of food sources.
  • A list of daily dietary suggestions to support sinus and immune health
  • Lifestyle advice to help identify and reduce triggers/irritants, boosting recovery by resting, and other home-remedies to help reduce symptoms and recover - e.g. hydrotherapy, heat compresses and inhalations
  • Instructions on how to do nasal levage (neti pot/saline flush)




Sinusitis Guide: Diet & Lifestyle Advice

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