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Reducing dairy food in the diet...

It can be tricky to suggest to those clients who love their cheese or yoghurt. 

We are living in such a wonderful time where there are many alternative options. 


This 3-page PDF handout has been designed to encourage your client to 'reduce' dairy consumption. 

It could be given to clients to help them through a period of complete diary elimination or if you are beginning to get them to re-introduce dairy foods back in to their diets after a period of elimination. Likewise, you may just like your client to reduce the amount of cow dairy they are consuming - and start picking other, more traditional-style dairy products.


  • PAGE ONE - information about different varieties of dairy milks (i.e. lactose-free/A2) and plant milks (i.e. nut and seed)
  • PAGE ONE - information about different types of cheese - i.e. dairy, A2, cultured and plant-based
  • PAGE TWO - information about types of yoghurts available - i.e. the best type of dairy yoghurts to pick, cultured/A2 yoghurt and plant yoghurts
  • PAGE TWO - information about other dairy foods and suggestions for dairy-free replacements i.e. ice-cream, butterm chocolate and cream
  • PAGE THREE - Recipes for some dairy-free foods to try at home
    • Coconut yoghurt
    • Hemp seed mylk
    • Avocado & Chocolate mousse
    • Vegetarian cheese sauce
    • Cashew sour cream





Reducing Dairy Foods: Client Guide

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