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A 3-page PDF document that covers all the basics of holistic, naturopathic preconception care. Perfect to introduce your clients to the concept of this  - answering the 'why' the time frames, the 'Foundational Five' changes they can adopt to start:

1) Eliminate alcohol/smoking/caffeine,

2) Reduce chemical/toxin exposure,

3) Eat a whole-food, fresh 'rainbow' diet and reduce processed/sugary foods,

4) Regular exercise/movement activities,

5) Manage & reduce stress


This handout also recommends a Mediterranian stye diet to follow. You can build on this in further consults - tweaking this structure as needed for the individual client. 


There is a short checklist for the couple to guide them on what may need to be done before looking at concieving: 

- A dentist vist

- A GP visit & general testing/screening

- Reflecting and planning for other potential issues that may surface and putting foundations in place to support during this period.


The third page is a printable list of key recommended foods and lifestyle advice - one side for the mother-to-be and the other side for the father-to-be




Preconception Care - Client Intro Guide

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