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This 7-page PDF ebook is a perfect summary of how nutritional foundations can help support immune health. Keep this up your sleeve for acute cases of cold & flu, or for more chronic immune infections. It is an educational, easy-to-understand guide to buliding a robust immune system and using food as medicine! 


This ebook includes:

  • A list and breif summary of immune boosting foods - including mushrooms, garlic, onions, cruciderous veggies, leafy green veggies, vitamin C rich fruits, avocado, ginger & turmeric, green tea, yoghurt and fermented foods
  • A list & brief discussion of some immune supressing foods - such as sugar, alcohol & the role of food sensitivities
  • The concept of mucus-forming foods
  • Hydration & warming, nourishing fluids
  • A full-page list (to print & pin on fridge) of foods to include in the daily diet for immune health
  • An example of an immune supportive daily diet
  • Immunity Soup Recipe




Hechtman, L. (2010). Clinical Naturopathic Medicine


Nutrition & Immune Health Client Guide

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