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An 11-page ebook in PDF format that can step your pregnant client through using food and safe herbal remedies to reduce symptoms of morning sickness... naturally. 


  • GINGER - provides client with suitable ginger products and advises on safe quantities
  • HERBS - other herbs client is encouraged to try are mint family and rosemary in teas.
  • IDENTIFYING TRIGGERS - A list of potential triggers of morning sickness. 
  • TIPS ON HOW TO BEST TWEAK THE DIET - Some simple dietary changes that may help reduce symptom severity.
  • MEAL & SNACK IDEAS - Some foods that may reduce nausea.
  • REMEDY ROTATION - A few other remedies to try - such as magnesium baths/creams, accupressure, slippery elm, homeopathics and other herbs.
  • RECIPES FOR NAUSEA - Ginger oat cookies, banana pepita and oat pancakes, cauliflower & cannellini soup, miso vegetable soup




Hechtman, 2018 Clinical Naturopathic Medicine, 2e

Romm, 2017 Botanical Medicine for Women's Health 2e


Morning Sickness ebook

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