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The lymphatic system is important when it comes to many different holistic treatment plans - but it can often be a difficult one to explain to our clients! 


This 15-page ebook (PDF format) is the perfect way to introduce your clients to the imortance of good lypahtic movement and flow. 


This guide:

  • Explains what the lymphatic system is and why it is important
  • Also introduces the 'glymphatic system'
  • Includes a checklist of the signs and symptoms of a 'sluggish' lymphatic system
  • Introduces 'dry skin body brushing' and provides instructions
  • Gives instructions and advice about movement exercises and deep breathing activities that can boost lymphatic movement.
  • Talks about the importance of hydration and water
  • Provides a summary of some herbal teas that may assist lymphatic function
  • Introduces some foods that are essential to good lymphatic function - including some recipes.


Lymphatic System Diet & Lifestyle Guide

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