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This 5-page PDF ebook is a summary of a holistic veiw on weightloss. This can be the perfect resource for your clients who have come to see you for weightloss - and can be sent via email after an initial appointment. It gives them an overview of what your future treatment may involve.


It also explains some reasons why the 'calorie in/calorie out' model doesn't always work.


Some topics breifly touched on in this ebook:

  • The importantance of steady weight loss vs. yo-yo deiting and restriction
  • The importance of deitary fibre & where to source these in foods
  • Exercise & increasing 'movement' daily
  • Managing stress & relaxing - the role of cortisol 
  • The importance of sleep
  • 'Obesogens'
  • Thyroid health & blood sugar balance
  • Hydration
  • Ditching 'diet' & 'low-fat'


This summary handout provides a solid introduction to holistic weightloss - for you to then build upon in follow-up consultations with individualised treatments.




Weaver, L. Accidentally Overweight.


Holistic Weight Management Summary for Clients

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