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Gout is is painful condition that can be dramatically improved using dietary modifications.

Explaining these connections can sometimes be challenging for practitiones because the aggrevating foods are often those the client loves! 


This 4-page PDF handout can help your clients understand those types of foods that may be contributing to their symptoms so that they can make an informed decision.


Included in this handout:


- High purine foods

- Nightshade vegetables 

- Amine-rich foods

- Watching beverages - such as alcohol, caffeine & high-fructose drinks

- Possible benefit of cherry juice  

- Using Vitamin C & bioflavonoid-rich foods to help reduce uric acid levels 

- Recomendation of anti-inflammatory and alkaline diet

- Some anti-inflammatory foods good for gout e.g. turmeric, ginger, celery & blueberries

- Manual therapies that may offer pain relief - e.g. ice therapy, sauna, acupuncture and podiatry

Gout Diet & Lifestyle CLIENT Guide

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