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A 9-page PDF-format ebook that covers the basics of digestion, food as medicine for boosting the digestive processes and foods to support and feed the microbiome. 


This ebook is the perfect document to email clients after you have introduced them to the concept of 'Gut Health'. It can provide them with an introduction to concepts you may focus on further during future treatment. 


Included in this ebook:

  • A full-page diagram of the digestive process - from mouth to 'exit point'. Includes lists of things that harm gut health and things that support gut health.
  • 'Five steps to basic good gut health' - simple, unprocessed foods, easy to digest foods, avoiding foods that client may be intolerant of, keeping hydrated, eating fresh fish & reducing exposure to chemicals etc in food & environment.
  • A summary of what digestive enzymes do and introduction to foods that can boost this activity - e.g. papaya, pineapple, kiwi...
  • A page of recipes , suggestions and examples of how to pair proteins with these enzyme-containing fruits/foods to boost digestion.
  • Introduction to the concept of 'friendly gut bacteria' and the microbiome. A note about gut inflammation & the brain-gut connection.
  • Supporting microbiome health by - avoiding over-use of some medications (e.g. antibiotics/PPI), eliminating alcohol and managing stress 
  • Enhancing microbiome enhancing foods - list of different prebiotics and food sources.
  • A daily microbiome supportive menu example
  • Two gut-friendly recipes 

Feeding Your Microbiome ebook

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