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This 9-page guide for clients with endometriosis contains key information about natural treatment of this condition. It includes a brief summary of key targets of naturopathic/nutritional treatment. This can help your client understand the broader reasons behind your prescription & advice. 


There is a section about xeno-estrogens and how reducing exposure to chemicals and other toxins is important in achieving hormonal balance. A section on self-care and sleep is also included. 


A pain management section includes instructions for castor oil packs. 


The food and dietary recommendations content covers:


  • Foods to eliminate/reduce in order to reduce inflammation & oxidative stress, including those key in endometrosis treatment; such as soy, alcohol, sugar and caffeine.
  • A one-page list of foods to include in the daily diet
  • A one page sample of healthy meal ideas and why these choices are appropriate for endometriosis
  • Two prompt sheets for client to print and pin up on fridge to guide them through dietary changes 




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Hechtman, L. (2018). Clinical Naturopathic Medicine 2e

Biomedica Chronic Pelvic Pain Seminar 






Endometriosis Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations for Client

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