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What is a 'healthy fat'?


These resources will help to breakdown the mystery of this question and help your clients to make healthier choices when it comes to dietary fats. 


This bundle contains 3 PDF documents:

  • Healthy fats & oils handout: includes a daily example of how to include a good balance of healthy fats in each meal. Also include recipes for:
    • Hummus
    • Chia puddings
    • Hemp seed milk
    • A basic salad dressing
    • Chickpea and pumpkin coconut curry
  • Dietary Fats Summary: a quick reference guide/chart to explain to your clients the difference between PUFAs, MUFAs, Saturated fats and Trans fats. This provides examples of each as basic tips for each class of dietary fat.
  • Poly-unsaturated fatty acids: A Balancing Act: This visual aid/diagram aims to explain how important a 'balance' between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids is in the diet. It can help you to encourage your clients to reduce unhealthy omega-6 fatty acids from their diet (e.g. vegetable ols) while also increasing daily intake of omega 3 rich foods.


Downloadable file is a zipped folder containing these three PDF documents.

Dietary Fats & Oils: Client Resources

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