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A 7-page PDF document that provides information for newly diagnosed Coeliac patients. 

Often, clients who have just recieved this diagnosis don't recieve much information or guidance on how to follow a strict gluten-free diet. The handout aims to cover the basics plus provide helpful lists and resources to make this transition easier. 


This handout includes:

  • A brief explanation of what Coeliac disease is and how it is mangaed by a life-long gluten free diet
  • It offers guidance on what foods contain gluten
  • It explains that nutritional deficiencies, as a result of Coeliac disease, can be behind some of the symptoms experienced before diagnosis or if gluten is consumed
  • Provides a diagram and simple explaination of how gluten causes structural changes to the small intestine 
  • A list of diagnostic tests that should be checked after Coeliac diagnosis
  • A note on why diary and corn removal following diagnosis can be helpful in aiding the repair of damaged intestines
  • Three steps to changing diet to repair and recover after diagnosis - i.e. removing all gluten, removing other inflammatory substances, adding in gut healing foods/nutrients
  • Provides some healthy gluten-free alternatives i.e. buckwheat, quinoa, brown rice, legumes, amaranth and nut meals
  • A comprehensice food list of gluten containing foods to avoid and those foods that should be gluten-free
  • A page on where you might find 'hidden gluten' i.e. toasters, lipsticks, toothpaste
  • Some gluten-free swaps - alternatives for pasta, flours and breadcrumbs
  • A quick guide to eating out 
  • Info about a couple of Australian Coeliac Disease phone apps




Coeliac Disease: A handout for newly diagnosed clients

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