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Low iron levels in clients can be quite common.


Education is important when aiming to boost iron levels through dietary means. There are many factors that can impair iron absorption, and this can be discussed during our one-on-one consultations.


This handout summaries all those diet and lifestyle issues that can impair iron absorption and utilisation. Sending this handout to your clients, after talking them through these face-to-face, may increase understanding of these concepts and boost clinical outcomes.


This 4 page PDF handout touches on:

  • Key lifestyle factors that can impact iron levels (e.g. intense exercise, menstrual bleeding, medications and antacid use)
  • The difference between haem and non-haem iron and how to improve digestion and absorption of both types.
  • Avoiding tea/coffee at meals/1 hour after meals
  • How vitamin C can boost absorption of iron and how to take advantage of this at mealtime
  • A list of iron 'blockers' - e.g. phytates, tannins, oxalates & calcium
  • Iron & pica



Hechtman, 2018 Clinical Naturopathic Medicine 2e


Boosting Iron - Diet and Lifestyle Advice for Clients

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