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Start Fresh Program

We were lucky enough to work with Phebe from Fresh Naturopathy on her 'Start Fresh' Program. 

Phebe was about to run her program for a second time and felt that she was ready to invest in getting her program manual and supporting forms/handouts etc looking as brilliant as possible. 

Phebe had all the content. She just needed some help putting it all together in a format that flowed, was user-friendly for her program participants, and that looked professional.

Below are some before and after pictures:

Before front page.png
After front page.png
We gave the Start Fresh program manual a cover to impress and added a contents page to help participates find what they need. We also gave each week of the program a similar format to create consistency and flow.
Forms before.png

We created forms that were functional. Phebe was getting participants to fill out forms in the manual and to then asking them to send her a photograph of these.

All forms are now in a 'fillable' PDF format as well as basic printable PDF.

Forms after.png
Handouts before.png
Handouts after.png

Additional handouts were re-formatted and turned into a PDF file in addition to being added to the program manual. 

Phebe can now use them in every-day practice - as well as in her 8 week program!

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