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Business Logo Design

It was a pleasure to design this logo for Jodi from

Sellick Acupuncture. Jodi wanted a logo that included a yin-yang symbol and warm, soft, earthy colours.

Jodi sent me a few screen shots of other logos she admired and examples of the colours and fonts she liked. This helped me to come up with several different 'mock-up' of some logos for her to look at.

Jodi then picked which parts of the logos she liked, what fonts she preferred and what colours she would like to include.

I then came up with a few more choices for her.

Once Jodi decided on a final design, we made a few final decisions together - such as fonts, colours and spacing.

I provided Jodi with a several supportive files that will help her in the future when designing advertising and branding material for her business.

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