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Bring some magic to your 

Health & Wellness Practice

Sorcery is a place of

magic & inspiration

for your

Natural Health Practice

We have created, compiled and sourced all that you need to run your natural health consultations & provide your clients with relevant resources to reach their health goals.


The material contained in sorcery's documents have been researched, compiled and designed by a degree-qualified naturopath.

Leave the sorcery and magic up to us so that you can spend your precious time wisely.




What does Sorcery provide?

  • Client handouts – appealing to the eye and simple to understand, these client handouts can be emailed or printed. 

  • Diagrams and charts – Everyone loves a chart! Explaining your treatment to your client sometimes requires props…

  • Nutritional Food Source Lists & Nutrient Info – Want your client to boost a particular nutrient in their diet? Simple! Print them off, or email, one of these documents.

  • Admin Form Templates & Documents – All the things to make running your practice a piece of cake! Perfect for pracs starting out.

  • PERSONALISED EBOOKS & HANDOUTS - Provide us with the info you want included in your ebook, program booklets, handouts etc. and we will design it for you! Email us for more info on this service.

  • Want your own personal branding applied to a particular document? Easy! Email us with your request and we can arrange this for you - for a very reasonable additional cost or, with a yearly VIP subscription, get 8 free branded handouts of your choice per year.


Magic Hand



"Beautifully created resources with high quality content that's easy for patients to understand and follow. Exactly what you want in clinic resources!"

Sarah, Naturopath

Magic Hand

What Sorcery is noT

The documents you have access to on Sorcery are not to be sold to other parties for profit, nor are they to be used as a downloadable on your website, as promotional material or as a ‘give-away’ file on your business website.

These documents are to be selected as appropriate for your client after naturopathic or nutritional one-on-one consultation with you - a qualified practitioner.


It is up to each individual practitioner to ensure that the handout/resource/ebook is appropriate for their client and that the information contained in these are applicable to each individual case.


They are designed to be a part of your prescription –

to support your treatment plan.

Read the full Terms & Conditions


Subscription vs.

Buy What You Need

As a practitioners – we recognise that you may not need hundreds of handouts, ebooks, diagrams etc. in your practice. You may only need the occasional document to round-out your treatment plan or some extra material to fill a gap in your files.

Likewise, there may be other practitioners that need as much help as they can get in the resource department! They are too busy with the day to day running of busy practices to type-up handouts and support material for their patients.

These practitioners may need daily access to all Sorcery files through a yearly VIP subscription to our entire database.

Includes access to new resources added monthly.


You can also trial Sorcery with a Monthly Access subscription - with grants you access to a smaller amount of documents to get a feel for what we are about. You still get access to new documents each month.

This subscription auto-renews monthly, but you can cancel anytime. 

At Sorcery, we give you the choice.

That’s why we think Sorcery is a magical place for Natural Healthcare practitioners.

We have not put limits on how you share these documents,

but we hope that honesty prevails and that you do not share our magic with anyone other than your clients. 

If you think other practitioners would like these resources -

please recommend that they join up and send them our details!


The more we are supported by our tribe, the more we can provide you -

it's that simple.


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New Material Added

Every Single Month

To keep you coming back, Sorcery promises to keep adding to our resources & create a new resources every month for VIP members.


We will also take suggestions as to what resources you desperately need in your practice.

It’s highly likely that what you require – others will too!

Just Added for Subscription Sorcerers ...

  • Foods and bioactive to up regulate NrF2

  • Protein Nutrient Information Sheet