Sorcery is a place of

magic & inspiration

for your

Natural Health Practice

We have created, compiled and sourced all that you need to run your natural health consultations and provide your clients with relevant resources to reach their health goals.

Leave the sorcery and magic up to us so that you can spend your precious time wisely.




What does Sorcery provide?

  • Client handouts – appealing to the eye and simple to understand, these client handouts are available to download as compressed PDF files, that can then be emailed or printed for your clients. 

  • Diagrams and charts – Everyone loves a chart! Explaining your treatment to your client sometimes requires props…

  • Nutritional Food Source Lists & Nutrient Info – Want your client to boost a particular nutrient in their diet? Simple! Print them off, or email, one of these documents.


Magic Hand

What Sorcery is noT

The documents you have access to on Sorcery are not to be sold to other parties for profit, nor are they to be used as a downloadable on your website, as promotional material or as a ‘give-away’ file on your business website.

These documents are to be selected as appropriate for your client after naturopathic or nutritional one-on-one consultation with you - a qualified practitioner.


It is up to each individual practitioner to ensure that the handout/resource/ebook is appropriate for their client and that the information contained in these are applicable to each individual case.


They are designed to be a part of your prescription –

to support your treatment plan. They are not protocols. They are tools for you to use.

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