A 23-page PDF format ebook that provides your clients with a step-by-step guide to supporting hormones and wellbeing during peri-menopause. This ebook can be emailed to clients so that they can read information and helpful tips (including 6 recipes) that can support them in the transition through peri-menopause. The focus of this ebook is how to best support this journey with some simple diet & lifestyle changes.


Step One: Ditch the plastic & go low-tox

Step Two: Nourish & support the liver

Step Three: Phytoestrogens in the diet

Step Four: Keeping digestion and the kidneys healthy and 'regular'

Step Five: Adrenal health & finding balance


This ebook can easily be integrated into your own personalised treatment plan for women heading into peri-menopause. While you are working on the finer details, this ebook can be used as a workbook for the client - educating them and guiding them through these five key diet and lifestyle elements. 



Wondrous Woman - Peri-menopause ebook guide