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A 5-page PDF document that will help your clients support their increased nutritional needs while taking the oral contraceptive pill. 


Scientific evidence indicates that there are several nutrients that may become deficient in those women who take the OCP long-term. 


This handout supplies your clients information of how to best boost these in their daily diet. This can be used to achieve long-term goals and prevent deficiency. 


This handout comes with a list of food sources of each nutrient that can be at risk of deficiency while taking the OCP as well as four easy recipes that aim to boost the use of these foods.


This hadout also explains why liver and gut health are important when taking the OCP.



Oral contraceptives and changes in nutritional requirements.

Palmery M, Saraceno A, Vaiarelli A, Carlomagno G.


Oral Contraceptive Pill & Nutritional Support Handout